Usenetserver is the cheapest way to get full access to the Highwinds news servers without taking a chance on a reseller.

For $10 a month, or just under $100 a year, their High Speed Plus plan connects you directly to their servers without having to worry about a third party reseller going out of business or throttling your downloads.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – all things being equal, it’s always better to get your service directly from the underlying supplier.  They have the support staff and reliable billing systems to make sure you won’t get ripped off.

There is one extra plus to getting an account through Usenetserver, you can use their global search tool.  Just go to their website and log in, and you can type in any term and their index will return all the articles with that term.  You can then select the ones you want, have it create an NZB file for you, and use that to download all the articles and files you are looking for.  This service is kind of like a non-visual version of Easynews (also offered by Highwinds) and is limited to a little over 200 days worth of articles.