NGroups Usenet Review is one of the oldest and largest of the resellers offering access to the Readnews Mega-newsgroup server farm.

One of the reasons we feel particularly good about recommending Ngroups to usenet users is because they are completely transparent in their operations.  There was a time when all the Usenet providers would be up front about the occassional hiccups that all systems have.  No more.  Only Ngroups has the balls to post on their home page when an indexing server might be offline and causing slow header downloads, or that a link between two servers was offline for 2 hours the night before.  Any complex server environment will have occasional problems like these, but only Ngroups will let you know that it was their service, not your ISP, to blame for yesterday’s speed issues.  That takes guts, and we respect that.

Ngroups is offering their own VPN service as a bundle with most of their usenet accounts.  If you travel often or are concerned about your ISP snooping on your traffic, you’re probably already looking at subscribing to a VPN service – picking up an nGroups account is a great way to give it a try for next to nothing. – Light (10 GB metered acct) – 1200+ days retention, SSL $6 / Month – Unlim Eco – 1200+ days retention, SSL + 5GB VPN service $9 – 11 / Month – Unlim Extra – 1200+ days retention, SSL + Unlim VPN service $18 – 20 / Year