Cheap Unlimited Usenet

You’re familiar with Usenet.  You’ve picked out your favorite newsreader.  You know all about Usenet Search sites and NZB files.  You just need a cheap, reliable Newsgroup Server to read articles and pull down attachments.

The simple fact is that there are about 50 companies out there all selling the same 3 or 4 back end services.  They’re all about $10 a month. Sure there are occasional specials for a buck less, maybe even 3 bucks off.  Really?  Is it worth setting up a new billing account, changing over your newsreader settings, and possibly reloading headers, just for $3 a month?  Especially with a reseller running a shaky billing system?  Our point of view is – NO.  You’re not that stupid with your time.

Pick one of the reliable plans below.  We’ve tested them, we feel good about the companies and their accounting systems. If you have access problems in the first month, try one of the plans based on a different back end; that’s why we try to include at least one plan with each of the back different back ends.

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$10 per month
$99 per year 

1940+ Days retention

30 connections

Supernews doesn’t offer different plans with different access levels.  They offer one plan and one plan only – High Speed, Unlimited Usenet.  No add-ons, no variable speeds. Just unlimited Usenet. Their mission is clear.The Supernews $10 per month is a special rate available only with the link at the left – it is normally $12 a month.Supernews is incredibly tight-lipped about this, but our research shows Supernews servers to be at the same location as the Giganews servers with the same retention statistics, so you can guess what that means.

Read more about Supernews and the Giganews back end usenet services.

High Speed Plus 

$10 per month
$96 per year

1800+ days retention 

20 Connections 

The Usenetserver High Speed Plus $10 per month is a special rate available only with the link at the left – it is normally $18 a month.The High Speed Plus plan is actually like a mini-bundle because it also includes free access to Highwinds’ Usenet text search server – so even without a newsreader you can search for articles and then feed the NZB file you download to your favorite newsreader (note – the Highwinds search server only goes back about 200 days though).We consider the Usenetserver HSP plan a best bet for people who want basic, reliable usenet server and often use NZB files to initiate downloads

Sign up Black Fri – Cyber Mon for free VPN as long as your Usenet account is active

Read more about Usenetserver and the Higwinds back end usenet services.

Super Unlimited

$10 per month
($9 first month)

1800+ days retention

 50 connections

Newsdemon is a Highwinds newsgroup reseller, and normally we don’t recommend resellers because they often have problems with billing systems, connections to the back end, month-end quota limits, etc.But we’ve had great success with NewDemon and feel very comfortable recommending them to our guests.  We include them here because they actually offer an unlimited mini-bundle by adding a 30GB Storage Ninja online backup account in their Super Unlimited Newsgroup Plan a month unlimited usenet plan.  We also respect them as a company for their policies on giving free access to charities and other community works they do.Read more about NewsDemon and the Higwinds back end usenet services.


$11 per month

1500+ Days Retention
(Articles only – headers may be less)

 30 connections

Ngroups uses the Readnews platform, so if you have trouble with Highwinds or Giganews access, NGroups should be your next step.The Eco plan gives you unlimited usenet downloads and article access, plus they have created a mini-bundle by including an introductory VPN account (limited to 5MB/sec, 50GB a month).  If you’re a big Usenet user and you wouldn’t mind adding a bit of extra security to your iPhone or Android when you’re out using a public hotspot, the Ngroups Eco plan may be the best way to get your Usenet too!Read more about Ngroups and the Readnews back end usenet services.

Unlimited DSL

$11 per month

1800+ Days Retention
(Articles only – headers may be less)

 20 connections


Astranews is one of the few remaining independent usenet providers, and we tip our hat to them for that.  They are based in Singapore and operate under rules that are a bit different than most Usenet providers.Astranews has its fair share of downtime, and we’d be hesitant to recommend them if not for the large following of counterculture customers they have.  Their servers are more likely to be inundated with spam postings, but that’s because they simply don’t monitor them.  They are effectively the only real uncensored usenet provider. That appeals to some people.Be careful of Anstranews normal Unlimited Usenet accounts – they are speed limited.  You MUST use their Unlimited DSL service to get decent speed.  Right now they have a special that lets you pick up this service for just $11 a month.

Read more about Astranews and the Other back end usenet services.