Free Usenet Trial Accounts

OK, so we’ve convinced you – you want to give Usenet a try – you want to see what kinds of discussions and binary content you’re missing out on.  But you don’t want to invest a lot of time and money.

Listed below are just a few of the free usenet trial accounts you can sign up for.  Yes, we know just about everyone who offers Usenet service also offers free trial accounts.  And yes, you COULD do a free trial here, then create a free trial there, and create another free trial at that other place – and keep going as each trial expires.  Fine – it you’re that kind of cheapskate, have at it.

But if you’re just interested in giving it a try, and want to sign up at a company that you know won’t play games with your credit card or make it impossible to cancel, we recommend the following free usenet trial accounts:

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Diamond Service 

14 day free trial 10 GB Includes free MIMO newsreader program

If you want to get the full Usenet experience, including the use of a real Newsreader program, your best bet is the Giganews Diamond Free Trial. There’s no need to search down a newsreader program on your own, they include one with the trial.

Combine that with the fact that Giganews has the longest header retention in the industry, and you can be sure you’ll get to see everything that Usenet has to offer.


14 day free trial 10 GB Web based AND Newsreader access

Easynews is the no-brainer first entry point for new Usenet users.  Their free trial is long enough and large enough that you can actually get a feel for all the forums (Newsgroups), and most importantly, you can do it all without having to download a newsreader program on your PC – it’s all online.

As an added bonus – if you WANT to play around with the Newsreader type access, you can still install a newsreader program and use it with your Easynews Free Usenet Trial account too – no need to sign up for a separate service.


14 day free trial 30 GB Includes free NH newsreader program

Newshosting’s free usenet trial accounts provide the biggest download limit – 30 GB.  They don’t hold anything back in their free trial accounts either.  You get the same service you’ll get when you sign up for a regular account.

That includes their very cool newsreader – so you don’t have to buy a separate newsreader program – it’s included for free.  And it’s a really nifty one too, with built in index search, and the ability to preview videos if there is a message with video attachments.  This is the one we point a lot of our personal friends to when they ask about free trials.