Easynews Review

The coolest things about Easynews is their Internet Browser Newsreader interface and global search.

Easynews is closely affiliated with Highwinds and uses their back end services for its Web-based newsreader access. Whoop-dee-doo you say?

Easynews does offer regular NNTP usenet access you can use with any newsreader, but it’s real claim to fame is that its web-based interface has the best  newsgroup search and preview service.  Just type in whatever you’re looking for (you can limit to specific groups, topics, or attachment types) and it returns thumbnail previews of any attachments.  Just click the box beside each and download them as a zip file, or have it create an NZB file that you can use with your newsreader program.

Easynews is running a special on Free Trial accounts that gives you 10GB of data transfer for 14 days.

Retention is based on which usenet plan you choose and unlimited plans are available too.

Easynews – Big Gig – 150 GB / mo (unlim NNTP)- 500 days retention, SSL, nifty web interface (200 days) $30 / month
Easynews – Plus – 40 GB / mo – 500 days retention, SSL, web interface (200 days) $15 / month
Easynews – Classic – 20 GB / mo – 500 days retention, SSL, web interface (150 days) $10 / month
Easynews – 14 day trial $0 / 14 days

Read more about the company that provides the back end services for Easynews.