European Usenet Servers

You would think that with the more relaxed attitude toward sex and other adult themes, the newsgroup servers for the European ISP’s would all the and newsgroups. You would be be wrong. Providers like T-Online in Germany may define all the groups on their usenet servers, but they do not populate anything that might be considered objectionable – especially the picture and movie groups.Just like in the US, to get access to the censored newsgroups, you’ll have to pony up some geld for a independent usenet provider. Generally, your best bet for completion and retention are still the US providers. The thing you may sacrifice is speed – the transatlantic link can slow things down a lot – so much so that unlimited usenet providers likeHowever, there are a few European newsgroup server companies that deliver competitive services. Many also accept EC card payments or German direct-payment forms. The list below lists some of those providers.US usenet providers, where you generally get the most value for your money (especially with the devalued US dollar!)
European Newsgroup Services we can recommend:
Prices / Rates Features Notes
Unlim $25-$30 /mth
5-35 GB / mo $5-$13 /mth B
1/2 off first month for unlim
C- HighestR- Highest

S- Highest


I, H, B

P 119, 80, 23

Giganews also has a copy of their US servers based in Europe for faster access on the “other” continent.Website is available in English, German (Deutsch), Spanish (Espanol), Dutch (Nederland), and French (Francais)Same pricing and retention / speed/ completion as the other Giganews servers, just located within Europe for faster ping times.
Eweka.NLNot accessible from all ISP’s
Unlimited € 7.50 – mo
C- HighestR- Highest – sortofS- High Eweka runs their own servers – they are not a front end for any other service. They up to 8 connections, even from different IP’s.Must prepay monthly (need an EU bank account). Before signing up, note the ISP’s that DON’T work on the signup page.One strange note: Although messages may be retained for up to 120 days, headers are only stored for 10 – so unless you also uses a service like Newsleacher and NZB files, most newsreaders will only see 10 days of retention.
Don’t forget to compare the US Newsgroup Servers too!
Other European Usenet Providers we have some experience with
10 GB / mth € 7.50
25 GB / mth € 14
50 GB / mth € 23
Unlimited € 11 to €25
C- HighR- HighS- ?X-8 Resellers for usenet service. Unlimited options based upon speed. Pay less if your ISP connection is already slow, or more if you have a fat pipe.
Non-Adult Groups $0
Adult Groups $15 / mth
C- LowR- MedS- LowT German based firm offers web usenet access with very difficult user interface. Completion and retention rate hard to figure out. Adult groups require $15 monthly X-Check adult membership.
10GB / mth € 7 – mo
25 GB / mth € 11 – mo
50 GB / mth € 22 – mo
100 GB / Mth € 40 – mo
200 GB / Mth € 75 – mo
C- HighR- HighS- ? Based in Amsterdam. Primarily focused on reselling through companies like Eurofeeds.
6 GB / mth €7
50 GB / mth €16
120 GB / mth €29
Unlim / mth €12 – €30
C- HighR- HighS- Med German company re-selling access to Supernews (US Based). Unlimited options based upon speed. Simonnews takes payment in euros by credit card or bank account access. An option if you are in Germany and must use a bankübderzweisung. Web page in German and English.
S Speed – based on connecting from Europe, not US – Subjective, based on distance from backbones)
C Completion Rate (Highest 95%+, High 90+, Med 80+, Low 60+, Lowest 0+)
R Retention Rate (Typical Binary Group – Highest 60+ days, High 30+, Med 15+, Low 7+, Lowest 0+)
P# Alternate port numbers you can use to connect (Default is 119)
X# Number of simultaneous connections – Note, bandwidth limits may reduce effectiveness of multiple connections
I ISP options: ISPs like comcast, or cox cable may offer their customers this service under their own names.
M Re-branding of another company’s servers under their own name. Caution – some of these companies are fly-by-night!
W Web interface available. Interface may only list headers unless also includes “T” (Below)
T Thumbnail based interface, Combines all parts of multi-part files and allows previews before downloading
B Blocks spam posts automatically, frees up more disk space for longer retention and faster header downloading
A Allows anonymous posting – Blocks X-trace user header information