Bundled Usenet Plans

Maybe you’re an Internet junkie – you know where to find just about anything, you know how to download, decipher, and recover almost any type of file.  You’re just looking for a cheaper way to bundle all the data line encryption, online storage, search tools, and usenet access into a cheaper package than buying them all separately.

Or maybe you’ve gotten a taste of Usenet Newsgroups with at Thumbnail Web usenet service, and you’re looking to move to the next level with a real Usenet service that includes a free newsreader program for your PC.

You’re looking for a Premium Bundled Usenet plan.

Listed below are our favorites based on their time in the business, reliability, and direct access to the underlying data servers.  We’ve included at least one provider for each of the big three Usenet backend providers.

(Disclaimer – read about our Usenet Rating Philosophy and our Commissions Policy)

Diamond Service 

$30 per month – half off for first 3 months

1940+ days retention

50 Connections 

The Diamond plan is Giganews biggest, most premium bundle.  It includes more services than any other bundle in the market, from any other provider.

If you spend lots of time doing data transfers, are concerned about ALL your internet data security, and demand the highest reliability for it all, you’re looking for a Giganews plan.  It includes:

1. Unlimited Giganews Usenet downloads.  Read what we have to say about Giganews usenet to see why this matters.

2. Mimo Usenet Newsreader – designed by Giganews to link directly to their servers and optimized for search and high speed data transfer.  Now in its second year, it’s a great newsreader that comes free with the Giganews usenet service.

3. Golden Frog Vypr VPN service.  The VPN (virtual private network) service encrypts ALL your internet traffic, not just Usenet.  It protects all your browsing, torrent transfers, even your smart-phone activity so your ISP can’t snoop on you.

4. Golden Frog Dumptruck – a professional grade remote storage, designed for corporations, it’s great for remote backup – it even can be linked in to Windows Explorer for drag and drop uploads and downloads.

It’s the Vypr VPN that really sells us on this package – especially the ability to use it on our iPhone and Android devices so we know we’re not getting hacked when we’re at public hotspots.  It’s a huge win.

Read more about Giganews and the Giganews back end usenet services.

XXLP plan 

$20 per month

1430+ Days retention (articles)
500+ days retention (headers)

60 connections 
Simultaneous Easynews logon 

The Newshosting PowerPack plan is actually 2 Usenet services bundled together.

Sign up from Black Friday – Cyber Monday get free VPN service
as long as your Usenet account is active

It’s a regular unlimited usenet account on the Highwinds servers, plus a free Easynews web-based Usenet account.

On top of that, they include a the free NH newsreader program, with built in text keyword searches and previews of video articles!

It’s ideal for foks who travel often or don’t always have access to their home PC where they may typically run their newsreader software.  Do your power-downloading using a traditional newsreader program or NZB files, while simultaneously searching and browsing Usenet thumbnails on your Easynews account!

Read more about Newshosting and the Highwinds back end usenet services.


$20 per month

1200+ Days Retention
(Articles only – headers may be less)

 60 connections

We know the Readnews back end is solid, but since they don’t offer end user access to their servers, we’ve identified NGroups as the best bet for getting access to the back end servers.  NGroups.net has been around for more than 8 years and has an extremely good reputation in the industry.

We think the Ngroups Unlimited Extra account is a real bargain.  Not only do you get unlimited access to the Readnews server database, but you also get an unlimited VPN account from NGroups.

Just like with other VPN offerings, this additional free service keeps your ISP or even fake hot spots from seeing the data that goes over your internet connection.  It also gives you a different IP address, which is extremely helpful when you’re stuck in a country that restricts your internet access outside its borders.  The NGroups Unlimited Extra plan is our recommendation for a cheap Usenet/VPN combo.

Read more about Ngroups and the Readnews back end usenet services.