Other Highwinds Usenet Providers

Highwinds is the largest mega-server offering usenet through resellers.

We believe this list of Highwinds Usenet resellers to be fairly complete.  If you see your Usenet provider on the list below, your newsgroup access is coming from a Highwinds server somewhere:

alt.binaries.com EU, US
bubbanews.com US
easynews.com EU,US
ensnews.com EU, US
firstload.com EU
flashnewsgroups.com US
iload-usenet.com EU
iusenet.com US
maximumusenet.com EU, US
meganetnews.com US
newsdemon.com EU, US
newsgroup-binaries.com US
newsgroupdirect.com US
newsguy.com US
newshosting.com US, EU
newsrazor.net EU
nntpjunkie.com US
simonnews.com EU
sonic-news.com EU, US
teranews US
thenewsgroups.com EU, US
theusenet.com EU, US
thundernews.com EU, US
tigerusenet.com EU, US
titannews US
uncensorednewsfeed.com EU, US
usenet-access.com US
usenetguide.com US
yottanews.com US