Web-based Usenet

We really like web based usenet services – no newsreader programs to install, no multi-part files to merge, you can access it from anywhere you can find a web browser, and you can preview content before you decide what you would like to download locally.  If you’re just getting started with Usenet, this is the way to go.

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We have two recommendations for web based newsgroup access:



$10 / $15 / $30 per month depending on features

There are 5 reasons we really like Easynews (good thing, since we only have 5 fingers!)

1. It’s runs on the Highwinds back end servers.  We know they’re reliable because they also run premium services like Usenetserver and Newshosting.

2. Their online search tool is really cool.  It’s a bit hard to learn at first, so give it some time, but it lets you search by any keyword you want, and then view thumbnails of all kinds of content before you decide which ones to select.

3. Once you’ve selected some content, you can tell the website to batch it all into one big Zip file for easy downloading.

4. You can use the same account to try out a newsreader and see if you like the extra flexibility that can provide.

5. They have a Free Trial – and if you like it, the regular monthly cost is just $10.

The downside?

1. The web interface only shows the last 5 months of activity (although you can go back well over a year if you use a newsreader)

2. The cheapest account ($10) only lets you download 20 GB a month.  But come on – 20 GB?  That’s a lot of JPG’s!

GoGo Usenet


$15 per month

GoGo Usenet is simply the easiest way to get access to Usenet content.

They’ve already sorted everything by category, regardless of what newsgroup someone may have originally posted it to.  You can also do free text searches, and it will find anything that matches.

GoGo Usenet doesn’t have any fancy zip file manager, and they aren’t really clear on how far back their content goes, but we’ve seen documents as far back as 2008 in their index.