Giganews Usenet Review

Giganews has been the most consistent usenet provider in the newsgroup service industry for over 10 years.  Redundant systems, heavy investment in infrastructure, and a commitment to service have made them the benchmark everyone else is compared to.  Giganews was also the first newsgroup provider to hit the 1000 days of retention mark.  Thassalotta retention days!

As Giganews adds new products they bundle them with their flagship Unlimited Usenet service (Diamond) to create amazing service bundles.  Our favorite is their Diamond plan.  It includes:

  • Their full unlimited NNTP service (over 1375+ days retention of articles AND headers),
  • PLUS a new custom newsreader (MIMO),
  • PLUS 30 GB of DumpTruck online backup storage,
  • PLUS (and most valuable) use of their VyprVPN service.  The VyprVPN encrypts EVERYTHING you do on the internet so no one, not even your ISP can peek at what you’re doing. It’s especially useful when traveling & using WiFi hotspots.  Read more about VyprVPN here.
  • They’re running an exclusive special right now giving new sign-ups half off for their first 3 months
Giganews Diamond – Unlimited Usenet with VPN & free newsreader SW – 1375+ days, 50 connections, SSL $35 / month (SPECIAL – half off first 3 months)
Giganews Platinum – Unlimited Usenet with SSL – 1375+ days $25 / month
Giganews Silver – 50 GB per month with SSL – 1375+ days $15 / month
Giganews Bronze – 10 GB per month with SSL – 1375+ days $10 / month
Giganews Free Trial Account $0 14 days
Giganews VyprVPN Standalone $15 / month + $5 to add extra web surfing protection