Supernews Usenet Review

Up until about 5 years ago, Supernews was an independent usenet provider selling some accounts to the public, but mostly providing usenet to ISPs.  Although Giganews rarely buys complete companies (they prefer to grow organically), Giganews bought Supernews and began consolidating their resources under the Giganews umbrella.

Supernews has become the easiest, cheapest, way to get access to the Giganews newsgroup mega-server back end.  While we believe that Giganews reserves its fastest servers and connections for customers who subscribe through the Giganews service itself, it is pretty much accepted that Supernews users get access to the same levels of retention and support as those on the flagship brand.

When it comes to basic, unlimited  Usenet Newsgroup access, the best raw NNTP Usenet package has to be Supernews at the $10 special Anchordudes price.  It’s just straight NNTP access, but you get a full 1315+ days of article AND header access.

Supernews just added another access point in Amsterdam to make European access even faster.

Supernews Usenet – Unlimited – 1315 days, SSL $10 / month